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The Parsons 13 HP walk-behind trencher is ideal for rental, landscape, plumbing and utility applications.  Manufacturing easy to operate and maintain trenchers and underground equipment since 1906, Parsons offers several pedestrian models from 8 to 13 HP including the Parsons T80, T120 and T130. Designed to meet contractor’s high performance standards, keep maintenance costs lower and down-time less in rental fleets and contractor’s operations.
  • Honda GX390 13 HP engine
  • Redesigned control and instruction panel for  easier operation
  • Operators Presence System stops unit when operators hands leave the handlebars
  • Digging depths from 18” to 36” (60 to 90 cm)
  • Digging widths from 4 “ to 6” (10 to 15 cm)
  • Trenchers 32” overall width, allows access to   backyards
  • Hydraulic ground drive
  • Freewheel capability for easy movement

Powered by a John Deere 110 HP turbo charged diesel engine, the DP 100 has the power to install utilities deeper, faster and more economically. A steerable boom and plow blade allow the operator to plow around obstacles and outside the wheel base.The infinitely variable two-speed hydrostatic transmission eliminates the need for creep control.

Ideal for underground telephone, fiber optics, gas, water, electrical and CATV installations.The rubber tired DP-100 with vibratory plow provides fast, efficient burial with limited ground disturbance minimizing restoration costs.
  • John Deere 110 HP Turbo Diesel Engine
  • Hydrostatic ground drive, planetary 4-wheel drive
  • Plowing speed from 0 to 1.3 MPH (2 Km/hr)
  • Transport speed from 0 to 6 MPH (9.6 Km/hr)
  • Bury cables up to 3” (7 cm) diameter
  • Bury multiple cables up to 42” (102 cm) deep
  • Only cable plow on market that allows you to plow outside the wheelbase with the patented steerable arm for the plow blade and shaker case
  • Optional Reel Carrier, and Winch available

The T20 allows contractors to accomplish many sprinkler/irrigation type jobs easier and more efficiently than a conventional drive trencher. Hydraulic ground drive, with steering through counter-rotating wheels, enable the T-20 to run 360 degrees on a dime.This allows better accessibility and turning in limited spaces.

In addition, the trencher module can either be set for center mount or offset with no additional parts required, providing solid performance and maneuverability.
  • Honda 20 HP GX series engine
  • Counter-rotating wheel steering
  • Turning radius within machine length
  • Digging depths from 30” to 54” (76 to 137 cm)
  • Digging widths from 4” to 12” (10 to 30 cm)
  • Trenching speed from 0 to 100 FPM (30 MPM)
  • Travel speed from 0 to 379 FPM (113 MPM)
  • 47” (119 cm) overall width
  • Two way 48” (122cm) wide backfill blade

Parsons is the oldest continuously operating trencher manufacturer in the world. Operations began in 1906, and Maxon purchased the product line in 1992. 
In addition to manufacturing the pedestrian and ride-on trenchers and cable plows, we continue to provide parts and service for older models including the Parsons T300, T500, T75, T750, T95 and T950. 

Please contact our parts and service department for any assistance you may require.